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Our Manufacturers

Trusted brands that put plant health and happiness above all else. With simple to use products and consistent results, each of our partners have proven that they can scale their lineups to accommodate any size cultivation facility.



A top manufacturer of ecosystem friendly products for the agriculture & horticulture industry, EPM's line includes pesticides, fungicides, cleansers, water clearing, and soil rebuilding products.

Rocket Foam

Developed by a team hailing from Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands, Rocket Foam uses aminoplast resin foam for a lightweight but sturdy solution for even the most demanding commercial grows.


Netafim USA

Netafim is the world's leading drip irrigation technology company supplying multiple industries with smart drip irrigation systems that help to fight food scarcity, water usage, and land shortages.


Leaders in assisting greenhouse crop production and controlled climate agriculture, FireFly-One has developed new Xenon strobe lighting systems that help increase yields, reduce a grow's carbon footprint, and lower operational costs.

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