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EPM Protection Plus Insecticide & Fungicide

Laboratory testing shows that the first application of Protection Plus™ will kill 98% of Russet mites, 89% of Spider mites, 98% of Aphids, 90% of Thrips, and 100% of Whitefly.

EPM Eco Green Plant Wash

Oil-based and Sulfur pesticides leave behind a film that restricts the water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen atmospheric exchange along with light from entering the leaf. Apply Eco Green Plant Wash to remove pesticide residue that may change the taste and smell of plants and oils, then apply Eco Green between pesticide applications.

Rocket Foam Growing Medium

Surpassing the performance of its predecessors, Rocket Foam substrate is 100% compostable and boasts easy water management and improved root development.

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Si28 & P31 Bottles_edited.png
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Netafim & Tempo Irrigation

The world’s leading providers of smart irrigation systems that can scale to any size and application. Engineered to minimize risk of failure, Netafim and Tempo products are setting a new industry standard.

Clintech P31 Microbes

P31 Microbes is a phosphate-solubilizing microbial community. It makes phosphate more soluble for better plant uptake. P31 Microbes is a stable community with diverse microorganisms, and the diversity helps keep the community functioning consistently. P31 Microbes will increase yield. 

Clintech Si28 SAFe

Si28 SAFe is a silicic acid-iron complex that provides plant available silicic acid. Like other silicic acid products, it allows plants to tolerate abiotic stress such as heat and drought, and biotic stress such as mites and mildew. Si28 SAFe works to increase plant vigor, build stronger stems, and grow thicker leaves through increased nutrient uptake. 

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FireFly-One PhotonFlux

The FireFly-One PhotoFlux line is the team's newest lighting solution that can easily scale with your grow. These plug-and-play lighting products were made with hydroponic and agriculture experts in mind.

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